TUNES Write-ups for the New Year's Eve

Faré fahree at
Thu Dec 30 13:17:23 PST 2004

Dear TUNESers,

this is a time when I've done a lot of self-improvement -- enough to
see that I have a huge venue of improvement ahead of me, but also
enough to consider that it's a good time when I could productively
give a new impetus to the TUNES project.

At the request of an indian student, I have worked out a formal
document containing my proposals for term projects. I think it's a
great way to advance TUNES: write documents that describe things we'd
like to see written. Then, we may find students to do the coding, or
we may code ourselves.

Other documents we may write are scenarios of how we'd like to see
people use computers that are not possible today. Like my CD scenario
was meant to be.

So, use your imagination, and share it with us! If you don't feel like
writing whole documents, start things on our CLiki. Ask me for an
account if you don't have one yet.

In any case, I wish you all a happy new year.

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The highest goal of computer science is to automate
that which can be automated. -- Derek L. VerLee

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