On cliki

Francois-Rene Rideau fare at tunes.org
Wed May 5 08:57:23 PDT 2004

I'm sorry about the bugs in the new CLiki.

* It is not possible to go back to the old code without losing data
 or doing significant effort that would be better spent with fixing bugs.
 And we'd lose versioning, which is most important in my opinion.

* I just fixed a superficial bug that required the redefinition of
 defgeneric's (there are times where Lisp dynamicity is not so fine-grained).

* Thanks to the new cliki being in CVS, you can now fix bugs at home.
 I invite you to complete the instructions in 01INSTALL with a sequence
 of cvs commands to grab all the stuff from CVS.

* If you want me to fix bugs, it would be nice to give a reproducible bug
 report rather than merely a high-level description. Familiarity with the
 code can help make better bug reports, but I don't request that much either.
 Please report bugs with as much detail as possible on the _(CLiki Bugs) page.

* There remains stability problems: CLiki seems to leak memory or some
 other critical resource during some abnormal HTTP transactions.
 It died before me while I was looking at it.

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