Rule for upgrading (was: On cliki)

Francois-Rene Rideau fare at
Mon May 10 09:14:27 PDT 2004

OK, I admit I have made a big mistake and been a bad cliki maintainer.

Now, if you detect that something is wrong with cliki,
you shouldn't wait "2/3 days" to tell me.
I might not be reading at cliki everyday,
but I'm still very much willing to fix it (or at least restart it)
if you tell me it's broken.
However, since I don't read it everyday, especially when I'm on the move,
you should TELL ME that it's broken, *immediately*:
drop me personal email; instant message on MSN or whatever;
page me with a SMS on my phone.

Alternatively, learn to log in as "tunes" to kill and restart the cliki.

But don't just sit there and expect things to be fixed magically. They won't.

Current status:
there is a coding bug in my patch, that causes for some requests
calls to gf cliki:page-pathname with arguments (nil :version :newest),
which has no defined methods. Cliki enters the debugger for each thread.
Nobody comes to release-foreground those threads or whatever. Too bad.
Cliki runs until it starves out of space. Nobody is there to fix it.

Now, if only you'll report bugs, they will be fixed faster.
If you can have detailed bug reports, they will be fixed even faster.

Once again, sorry for the bad service. Please help me improve it.

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