Spam on Cliki

Brian Rice water at
Tue Oct 5 22:20:30 PDT 2004

It's associated with a "". That's the spam content to the 
pages. There's some right now...

On Oct 5, 2004, at 8:15 AM, Tril wrote:

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> On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 11:51:23AM -0700, Brian T. Rice wrote:
>> I've been anonymously cleaning up after it as well, and it is 
>> annoying.
>> A WHOIS on the spam's domain target gives definite results, but 
>> there's
>> not much we can do directly. I suggest configuring apache to perform 
>> the
>> blocking, since it is in front of the CLiki via mod_proxy.
>> David, can you look at this?
> Do you have an IP address or IP range you would like blocked, or
> something for me to look for in the log files to find one?
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