Google Summer of Code

Faré fahree at
Mon Jun 6 22:38:34 PDT 2005

Dear TUNESers,

the LispNYC fellows have let me include my term project proposals as part of
the projects they sponsor for the Google Summer of Code. So

* You may get paid to work on these projects.

* You might also be able to submit more TUNES-related projects through
 me and/or directly through LispNYC.

Hurry up, though, for the deadline is near!

NB: I've now relocated to Boston, and will at last have a home computer with
stable Internet connection by the end of the week.

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Between what I think, what I try to say, what I think I say, what I actually
say, what you want to hear, what you hear, what you think you understand,
what you want to understand and what you do understand, there are at least
nine ways to not understand each other.

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