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Tue Jun 7 19:20:17 PDT 2005

On 6/7/05, Massimo Dentico <m.dentico at> wrote:
> Premise: these are genuine questions, I have no intention
> to begin a flame.
Thank you for helping me make these clarifications

> * Is Common Lisp to be considered the favorite language
>   to develop in the scope of this project?
> * On which grounds this has been decided?

No. The TUNES project has no "favorite language", except maybe Slate,
which is the only language made with explicitly TUNESy ideas.

However, Common Lisp is one of the few languages that both
stresses Live programming (dynamic program evolution) and
has non-trivial metaprogramming.
Though it is by no means perfect in either regard,
it's still way better than most languages,
so it makes a good exploratory tool for TUNESy ideas.

It is not compulsory for TUNES projects to use Common Lisp,
and it might not be the best language suited for some such projects.
But it is a natural pick for proposing coding internships,
and in this specific case, it was an implicit requirement
for the Lisp NYC to include these project proposals on their site.

I hereby reiterate my call to participate in this Summer of Code,
either by coding or by submitting more projects. In either case, be quick.

Please spread the message around.

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