OT: GCed Forth-like language, proof checking and machine code generation (was: migrating to mediawiki)

Massimo Dentico m.dentico at virgilio.it
Wed Oct 19 20:47:16 PDT 2005

Brian Rice wrote:

> But does your software really matter when there
> is Factor?
> http://factor.sourceforge.net/
> Why not just merge with Factor and take the saved
> development time to do more interesting things?


I know you don't read the TUNES-LLL mailing list anymore,
so you don't have the proper context.

Check this thread:


He has particular needs and goals; as you can read in
that thread, I pointed out Factor (but not only) to him,
so he has consciously choosed to not use Factor.

For your convenience, I quote the relevant details here:

taken from the bottom of this message

> I wrote a verifier using intuitionistic type theory about
> twenty years ago, on a conbination of hardware and software that's
> no longer available.  I'd like to redo it now that machines are a
> thousand times faster.
> But in the meantime, I've noticed that the notation in which
> coq (another ITT-based theorem proof-checker) archives its

[see http://cliki.tunes.org/Coq]

> proofs and theories is a stack language.  And I've got the
> idea that it make sense to use Forth-like tools as intermediary
> metween high-level languages and machine code.  And somehow I
> think that all these ideas can come together into a coherent,
> usable system -- taking my language from twenty years ago,
> synthesising proofs of programs,  converting to low-level
> Forthish notation,  and checking these proofs while generating
> machine code.
> None of these things by themselves seems too big to tackle,
> except they've  gotten my mind tangled into one metarecursive
> lump.
> Yes, I plan to go all the way from formal theory to machine code.

Brian Rice wrote:

> Most TUNES members really do not follow what is
> actually going on in the wide world of computer
> science. That's worthless for this project, since
> the point is to provide a common convergence goal.
> The lone-wolf TUNES implementor is a FOOL.
> --
> Brian

Other context on the web site of his company:


(it seems not reachable from here at the moment).

He is not exactly a "CS novice" (euphemism).


Massimo dentico

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