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Mon Aug 7 16:29:29 PDT 2006

On 8/7/06, Massimo Dentico <m.dentico at> wrote:
> Thomas Novelli wrote:
> > Mediawiki is a piece of junk... I set it up here,
> > so I should know :-)
> Tom this is *our* faults, not only yours.

I know. People asked for it, so I set it up.  The Mediawiki source code was
so messy that I almost backed out, but I decided to "stay the course"
because anything was better than a locked-down wiki.

Mediawiki pros/cons:
+ widespread use
+ user accounts; partial spam control
- dependencies on Mysql, PHP, etc.
- perceptibly slow (even to dialup users); wastes server CPU/RAM
- fancy naming/sorting conventions, better suited to Wikipedia than TUNES
- too complex to customize effectively

Some features a wiki *should* have:
- Stricter access controls; 1 month "probation" for new users before they
can edit pages
- Annotations/Comments/Margin notes... new users may leave comments... since
comments are distinct from the page text, a spammer's comments can be
deleted without affecting subsequent revisions.
- Handle special chars in page names like OS/2, C#, C++
- Case-insensitive page name matching
- No relational database... we only have a few thousand pages; store them in
text files.
- Store links as sequence numbers, not actual names/URLs, so it's simple to
rename pages and update external links
- Store formatted pages in HTML for efficient viewing?
- Simple category system (like CLiki)... no fancy stuff!

So until we find a wiki like that, we should stick with Mediawiki... unless
it seriously blows up.
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