TUNES wiki

Brian Templeton bpt at
Mon Aug 7 21:09:57 PDT 2006

"Thomas Novelli" <tnovelli at> writes:

> Mediawiki is a piece of junk... I set it up here, so I should know
> :-) I think some of that stuff used to work until Tril upgraded the
> system a few months ago. It may work well enough for Wikipedia, but
> it's not what we need.
> CLiki was nice, clean, and relatively fast... it only lacked
> adequate spam control. I will happily make the conversion back to
> CLiki or some other suitable wiki... heck, I could even write one...
> But there ought to be a Wiki that'll work right out of the box...
> any suggestions?

I preferred CLiki, too. I'd be willing to add BannedContent [1]
support to CLiki if the TUNES wiki switches back.

I currently use Oddmuse [2] for my wikis. It's easy to install and
configure, extensible, and spam-resistant.


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