CMS update

Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Sun Nov 5 19:57:22 PST 2006

Quick update:

I've got a simple CMS running on my home computer.  We *could* be
using it as a web-based website editor within a week.  I'll start
putting documents into it, and see if any problems come up.

For collaboration purposes it'll need version history, margin
notes/discussions, and account creation/validation.
After that, I'll get into nifty features-- an AJAX admin/editor
interface, new/changed/unread pages, searches, etc.

Tril, it looks like the best way to do this is mod_python (Debian
package libapache-mod-python).  It runs Python inside of Apache to
avoid the startup overhead.

Any thoughts on security?  In particular, is cleartext authentication
acceptable?  Or are wiki spammers tapping the lines? :-)

- Tom

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