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Tue Oct 31 22:49:26 PST 2006

On 30/10/06, Tom Novelli <tnovelli at gmail.com> wrote:
> I haven't tried VoiP, and I'm not willing to spend any time or money
> on it. I've got a win98 box with a microphone & speakers/headphones
> (for Audacity!)... Will that work for Skype?
Skype works well for linux-i386 and win2k on a 500 MHz machine.
win98 and/or slower machines might or not work.
I'm told Asterisk is a great free software VoIP solution, but I haven't tried.

> I'd rather use the cellphone and talk to one person at a time.
You have my number.

> There's also IRC/IM but I think that's a waste of time... I like the
> phone & email..

> Also, what hours are you guys available?  Generally I'm available from
> 5-10pm weekdays, 7am-11pm weekends (Eastern Time)

> Is there anything going on in Cambridge the next few weekends?
Hoan TT is coming from .au tomorrow to apply to Y-combinators. I'll
organize a meetup this w.e. w/ him & Patrick Collison & hopefully
Interested parties please contact me.

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