Website/CMS update

Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Sat Jan 13 19:53:26 PST 2007

Happy New Year, everyone...

I've got this new CMS pretty well debugged.  It's ready for a _small_
group of us to start editing.  Rest assured that future changes will
almost certainly be backward compatible.

The new site ==>
(Soon to replace

We're trying to focus on practical guidance, with a touch of visionary stuff.

A technical note: This "Phase I" CMS is a prototype... In "Phase II",
I envision a small group editing the main documents, and a larger
group involved in discussions, collaborative research, lists & charts,
etc.  For that, I (or someone) will need to develop a more rigorous &
elegant system which can be _cleanly_ extended to handle different
types of data.  Massimo Dentico has already pointed out to me what
needs to be done... it's a lot of work, that's all :-)  And we're all
busy with other things...

Want to help with editing?  Send me an email, and I'll create a CMS
account and get you started... Meanwhile, familiarize yourself with
the new site, particularly

Ideas for volunteers:

* Inventory the wiki and/or incorporate "worthy" wiki pages into the
CMS.  See

* Set up a DARCS repository (on bespin) for the current CMS. (I'm new
to DARCS but several of you seem to like it.)

* Hack on CMS phase II (which will support SQLite so you don't have to
set up Mysql to test it)

* Take charge of a section of the web site, and keep it up to date...
for example:
   - Summarizing new developments of interest to TUNES
   - A guide to text editors - especially Emacs setup
   - Coping strategies for Linux (Windows, MacOS, etc.)
   - Productive programming... for example, I could use some help in
choosing between Perl, Python, Ruby, Lisp, ML, etc. :-)

 - Tom

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