Back in action

Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Mon Jul 2 17:17:09 PDT 2007

Hello everyone... I've been very busy the past two months, with the 
wedding, honeymoon, home renovations and stuff.  Work is slow, and I 
could have been working on Tunes if I wasn't so busy studying up on all 
the latest buzzwords (J2EE, Django, Joomla, etc.) to put in my resumé.  
I'm not ready to fully learn Lisp and apply to ITA, but I think about it 
every time Faré says how busy they are!

I have to say I'm impressed with Ubuntu Linux... it was painless to 
install, and it just works.  I won't be thinking about how to improve 
Linux anymore, just looking forward to its successor... which just might 
be Tunes.  (Doubtful ;-)

I'm also dabbling in Lambda-the-Ultimate... I'll be discussing some of 
our ideas, hopefully getting some attention, or at least figuring out 
where to draw the line between Tunes and LtU.

Picking up where I left off on the Tunes website, we were discussing 
WSGI and various database wrappers.  Now I'm thinking we should just use 
Django.  It handles all the mundane stuff.  I was afraid it would be 
slow, bloated, limiting... but it's not... it's exactly what I wanted.  
Sound good?

As for the CMS, I'd like to 1) tidy up and improve what I've done so 
far, 2) add note/blog features, and 3) add a "Review" database to 
collect _very terse_ summaries and citations for projects, experiments, 
etc. of interest to Tunes (the goal is to avoid having an entire "page" 
about every toy OS)

Tom Novelli

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