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On 30 Jul 2007, at 02:05, Tom Novelli wrote:

> I thought some graphics would add a nice touch to the web site..  
> here's something I'm working on:
> Any suggestions?
> - Tom

Tom, I've been reading through your ideas and I think it's pretty  
decent as a high-level system architecture,  I've got a few questions/ 

1.  IR - if you're planning to use a variant of Lisp as the runtime/ 
vm then would Lisp expressions become the IR (and possibly the HLM)  

2.   I think it would be useful to integrate C into TUNES, simply  
because of the vast amount of software available in that language  
(though it could be contained in a 'sandbox' environment like  
Javascript is in browsers)

3.   The 'Compembler' - would this be a set of high-level assemblers,  
one for each architecture, or a generic one  which produces different  
code for each processor?

4.  Reconciling the type systems - will be interesting :)

What do you think the first steps towards this should be?


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