[TDP] On easy software deployment (was: Alternative to mark-up languages)

Tom Novelli tnovelli at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 20:19:18 PDT 2007


> I would like something as Starkits:

> .. but with a light RDBMS instead of a Virtual File System,
> a good programming language instead of TCL and a toolkit
> (based on constraint propagation/data flow) for post-WIMP
> interfaces instead of Tk. All packaged in a small file.

That would be nice...

Might OCAML be a useful language...?

> Well, I think we can go with SQLite fro now, as an expedient.

And plan on using that until something drastically better comes along.

> P.S.: I'm *trying* to programmatically convert the articles
>       in TUNES MediaWiki, dealing with old CLiki code in
>       articles and other issues, like categories, a real mess.
>       I have a dump of MediaWiki db thanks to Tom.
>       But I'm leaving this Monday, 2 April, for about
>       10 days, so the process will be delayed.

Here's a list of pages from both wikis, side by side for comparison:


There are only about 150 newer pages in Mediawiki, and some of those
have very slight changes... You may be better off dealing with CLiki
programmatically, and Mediawiki by hand.

I'm also thinking about a CMS interface for the mailing list archives.
 This is mainly to allow for better indexing.


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