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Tue May 15 10:13:16 PDT 2007

On 15/05/07, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky <znmeb at cesmail.net> wrote:
>> * Start from Philip-Jose, the "farmer" I just wrote, and extend it
>> with fork() and a better communication protocol, so as to get
>> Erlang-like concurrency in Lisp
> Gambit Scheme already has this -- do a Google search for "termite".
Yes -- I but needed it for practical purposes, wherein it had
* to be written in Common Lisp, to integrate into existing
applications, reuse some libraries, be portable, benefit from its
compilers, etc.
* to support robustness at the process level (workers WILL build
cruft, bug out, deadlock and otherwise have to be kill -9'ed)
* to be able to spawn remote nodes through ssh
Philip-Jose is pretty minimal, inefficient and under-featured, as far
as distributed system infrastructures go. It was designed to do
repeatedly drive one big job I have at work. As a result, it is not a
generic solution, though it purports to be extensible into one -- but
it does work.

That said, if I had to extend Philip-Jose some more, I would
definitely have it reuse the interfaces of Termite.

My general message for TUNESers is that for the survival and growth of
the memes we care for, we have to care about expediency. There is no
long term without short term. The evolutionary path matters if we are
to reach a goal. If humanity is worth saving, it is worth saving at a
profit. Insert your favorite another trite saying.

One of the many sins of my youth was to not take this seriously
enough. I hope I'm learning.

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