M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at
Mon Mar 3 20:32:30 PST 2008

tunes-bounces at wrote:

> This may be old news to some of you:  At long last, Paul Graham and Robert
> Morris have released a prototype version of a new Lisp dialect called Arc.
> It's only been out a month and it seems to be all the rage :-)
> It's a very terse dialect with a dash of syntactic sugar (both of which I
> appreciate), implemented on top of MzScheme for now.
> Website:
> Happy hacking...
> - Tom

Yeah, I saw this. I was rather disappointed, actually. I guess I'm not 
convinced that the world needs three dialects of Lisp. I was hoping it 
would be *radically* different from Scheme and ANSI Common Lisp.

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