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Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:17:54 +0200

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>A few miscellaneous thoughts:
>Hans-Dieter's transparent names are easily implementable as shorthands
>if we don't use prototyping, and hence don't require any extra features.

What do you mean by "prototyping" here?
>Type layout should never attempted before everything is known, since it
>prohibits elimination of unused methods, etc., which I suspect is a big
>cause of bloat in existing OOP systems.

What do you refer to?

>(c) A programmer might want to hide details and hence not use certain
>features.  The view could be written to not use them.  When it discovers
>code someone else wrote that uses them, it can't handle them, so you'd
>have to use another view.
>Hence there might be a need for a "read-only" concept, where the view
>may or may not display a helpful description of the program tree, and
>doesn't allow it to be changed.  The scope of this could be a very small
>part of the program tree or it could be large.
>This might not be always the case.  For example in (c) the view might
>support displaying the "frowned upon" feature, leaving it as it is,
>supporting changing it to an acceptable value, although not to an
>unacceptable one.

Having the original state both unacceptable and modifiable is likely to cau=
se problems inside the editor. The user is in trouble as soon as he decides=
 to undo his changes in the middle of editing by restoring the original sta=

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Hans-Dieter Dreier

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