[unios] Why No Freedows?

Pat Wendorf beholder@ican.net
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:21:20 -0400

Tom Potter wrote:

> I'm not a subscriber on this list, so any replies need to be sent directly
> to me.
> Are you guys aware of the various other operating systems in planning and
> development, such as Freedows - http://www.freedows.net/ ?

Yep, most of us are involved in various other projects at the moment.  However,
I don't think anyone is involved in the Freedows project.  Currently there are
many projects that have great potential, which is why UniOS is on hold at the
moment.  Once we're sure of a design, we'll come back to it.

> Why not help an established team develop what they already have, instead of
> re-inventing the wheel AGAIN?  Or am I misunderstanding the concept of what
> you're trying to do?

The idea is that the wheel is broken, square, and painted pink (if you catch my
drift).  There really isn't any reason why not to use the wheel in question, as
it does spin.... however it could be much better.  If you think hard enough
about these concepts:  portability, speed, flexibility, reusability,
centralization, distribution.   You'll find that the ideals are not being met
in any easy or universal fashion.

> Here is a website with a few links you may or may not already know about:
> http://wpetc.dragonfire.net/opsys/

Thanks, I'll add that to the links page when I get around to updating it.

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