[virtmach] bytecodes and stacks

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The following mail, dated 11/30, is the most recent I've received from this
mailing list. Has there been any more recent activity on this group? Or have
I been inadvertently (I hope) kicked off? :)

 Mark W. Humphries

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>Ceri Storey said:
>> personally, i can't see why why two stacks would be a better solution,
>> since when the machine returns from a function, the arguments bound
>> in that procedure will be lost forever, and if a two stack model were
>> used, the virtual machine/ programmer would need to pop the excess data
>> from the data stack.
>The advantage of a two stack VM is that it allows any number of
>results to be returned by a procedure. The traditional C style
>"stack" is more properly a list of frames in which each frame is
>built and released as a whole. In a stack machine each item on
>the stack can be dealt with individually. Having a separate
>return stack avoids having the return address amongst procedure
>parameters and results, and thus permits more flexible data
>However, when we designed two stack VMs to run C efficiently
>(see the OTA specifications at www.europay.com) we added
>additional VM support for frames. The canonical Forth stack
>machine is not suitable for frame construction in which it is
>assumed (as C and many other languages do) that the frames are
>in main memory.
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