[virtmach] A Question for Thad [re PSX2]

thaddaeus.frogley@creaturelabs.com thaddaeus.frogley@creaturelabs.com
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 10:03:13 +0100

> Thad, I have a question for you...
> thaddaeus.frogley@creaturelabs.com writes:
> [...]
> > Potential target platforms include PSX2, 
> > and intel PC (windows), and XBox.

> What is the development environment/hardware for the PSX2?   

As far as I know, the dev enviroment is hosted under *nix, and the compiler
is gcc, but none of this is for certain, as we don't actually have the dev
kit yet.  Its under negotiation, and all we have are some sketchy (ie more
marketing, than technical) specification.  Looks like a nice bit of kit

> I presume you are developing for a CreatureLabs project