[virtmach] Threaded vs Bytecode VM

Eric Marsden emarsden@mail.dotcom.fr
20 Apr 2000 12:53:23 +0200

>>>>> "tf" == thaddaeus frogley <thaddaeus.frogley@creaturelabs.com> writes:

  tf> Could somebody clarify for me what a "threaded" VM actually is,
  tf> as I'm not familiar with the terminology. (I know what threading
  tf> is, but how does it apply in this context?)

Threaded code (nothing to do with lightweight processes) is an
implementation technique for virtual machines; see


There was also some implementation discussion in comp.compilers in
1991 (the archives are available at iecc.com).

>>>>> "mc" == Mats Carlsson <matsc@sics.se> writes:
  mc> Does anyone have pointers to papers reporting this kind of
  mc> analysis? I'm working with VM implementations of Prolog, and all
  mc> the Prolog VMs I know of do these optimizations, but in a more
  mc> or less ad-hoc way. I have never seen any papers reporting a
  mc> methodical analysis.

Ian Piumarta describes a technique for identifying common bytecode
sequences dynamically (which provides significantly better performance
than doing the analysis statically) at


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