[virtmach] Test, Hello

btanksley@hifn.com btanksley@hifn.com
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 07:52:49 -0700

From: Stephen Pelc [mailto:sfp@mpeltd.demon.co.uk]

>> > Do you want to dynamically link bytecode modules? 
>> Yes.  The VM is for an agent based system, and the agents 
>> are loaded into a
>> running system, so some name resolution has to be done at load time.

>See the OTA specs at www.europay.com

OTA sounds really interesting, but I've never been able to find the specs.
If that website is designed to make them available, it's the worst design
I've ever seen.  In fact, even if it's designed only to make user
documentation available it's the worst design I've ever seen.

How do I get to the specs?

>density. The use of quoting, also in OTA, will deal with cut and 
>paste programming by identifying repeated byte code sequences 
>and and replacing them by references to the original "quotation".

Quoting...  Hmm.  Cool.

>Stephen Pelc, sfp@mpeltd.demon.co.uk