[virtmach] Re: Transmeta Crusoe

Magnus Christensson mch@virtutech.se
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 18:10:43 +0100

>>>>> Manoj Plakal <plakal@cs.wisc.edu> writes:
Manoj> David Rush wrote (Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 03:13:58PM +0000) :
>> If they're going to sell the CPUs, they'll sell the debuggers
>> eventually. Just wait.
Manoj> 	They are going to sell the CPUs to OEMs who will
Manoj> 	put it in laptops/webpads/other devices. I'm not	
Manoj> 	sure that these OEMs will do much debugging of
Manoj> 	the morpher, maybe just report bugs back to Transmeta.

The debugger would primarily be used to debug X86 code, not native

Manoj> 	I can see Transmeta supplying tools (but not
Manoj> 	publicly sold) to OS vendors who want to port
Manoj> 	their x86 OSes to run on Crusoe without problems.
Manoj> 	End users will never see the native ISA of Crusoe,	
Manoj> 	all they see is they are running unmodified x86 apps
Manoj> 	with no apparent access to the underlying hardware.
Manoj> 	Why would Transmeta sell a debugger to an end-user?

Because a fast system level debugger (in this case for the X86) has
many uses, including OS tuning and device driver development.