[virtmach] Additional multi-million dollar sales potential for Cursoe

Peter William Lount peter@smalltalk.org
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 11:56:23 -0800


It would be very nice for software developers who must deliver their
software on IA32 to have a "Software ICE" (In Circuit Emulator) for
debugging their IA32 software be it OSs, Drivers or simple Applications.
Transmeta is in a unique position amoung the IA32 clone vendors in that
they can provide advanced Software ICE very easily. Linus said that they
have some capabilities for debugging Linux (and any other IA32 software)
built into their development version of Crusoe. So they have the
capabilities of a Software ICE, now comes the marketing challenge. 

Why sell a Crusoe IA32 Software ICE? Because it would bring potentially
millions of software developers to a system with a cheaper and powerful
Software ICE that is indistinguishable from a Hardware ICE. The problem
with Hardware ICE devices is that they cost a fortune in the 10s of
thousands of dollars and they get harder to make as the cpus get faster.
Crusoe doesn't have that problem, in fact it has a significant advantage
over the competition in this area. So why sell it? The answer is millions
of sales potential to existing software developers who want more powerful
debugging tools. This is not just sales of the chip but the ICE as well!!!

So the only question is wether the Transmeta marketing and managment teams
will hear the message and choose to market a "special code morpher" that
contains a Software ICE for IA32. Start writing Transmeta, Linus, and
everyone you can find with a transmeta email address... If you want it you
must ask for it... be careful what you ask for... you might get it...


All the best,

Peter William Lount