[virtmach] Implementing VMs efficiently

Stephen Pelc sfp@mpeltd.demon.co.uk
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 14:26:32 -0000

From:           	btanksley@hifn.com
> That was my idea as well.  If Sun had intended Java originally for web use,
> they might have been wise to consider the alternatives to bytecode.
> But they didn't.  I wonder if we'll ever see anything more sophisticated
> used?
Have a look at ANDF (Architecture Neutral Distribution Format), 
originally developed by DERA in the UK. The problem with more 
sophisticated codings is that they demand more resources at 
program installation time. For many applications, the receiving 
nodes are cost-sensitive and simply don't have the resources to 
handle sophisticated back-end compilation.

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