[virtmach] Implementing VMs efficiently

Niall Dalton dalton@ri.silicomp.fr
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 11:46:07 +0100

> enforce security policies without modifying the client VM. I envision the
> mappings becomming more complicated, e.g. the application may have to
> utilize many devices to provide a service to the end user, the 
> application
> would have to be distributed and the compiler would have to decide the
> communication mechanisms.
Some random not very well thought out ideas:-) 

Perhaps it would be interesting to have the embedded system be aware of
the network it is currently part of, and it may make sense to offload 
some computations to a faster nearby machine if the network can
transport answers back quickly enough.

>From an optimization point of view, bytecode could also be specialized
in the sense that finalization could be added, synchronization removed
and so on, if it is known to be safe to do so. So libraries written to
be extendible and thread safe could be optimized for size or space