[virtmach] Virtual Machines and Code Representation

Peter William Lount peter@smalltalk.org
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 06:47:41 -0700


I'll let the paper and other info from the Oberon folks on "slim binaries"
do the talking for me. ;--)



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From: Luk Stoops <lstoops@vub.ac.be>
To: virtmach@iecc.com
Subject: Re: [virtmach] Virtual Machines and Code Representation
Date: July 26, 2000 7:56 AM

Peter William Lount wrote:

> The advantage of the "parse-tree" representation of programs and program
> fragements is that there is more information avaliable about the context
> that the code is in that gets lost with byte codes. Simply put,
> lose information. They have enough information to compile to native code,
> but if that extra information was still avalible then it's possible that
> additional optimizations could be applied to the code.
> The pase tree representation is also elegant in that it simplifies the
> number of representations from four (source text, parse tree, byte-codes,
> native code) to three (source text, parse tree and native code). Simple
> not simplistic is better. Compressed parse-trees offer better space
> efficiency than byte-codes. Smaller sizes means faster loading times.

Do you compare compressed parse-trees against uncompressed byte-codes ?

Otherwise it seems difficult to compress more information into less



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