[virtmach] Comments on Sun's JAVA VM Specification?

Tristan Rybak rybak@gucio.gorlice.top.pl
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:07:04 +0200

This is a comment I found on tunes.org

>>The infamous Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a VM introduced by Sun as a
standard compact (so they say) low-level representation for programs
>>written in Java. It sucks in that it is both too low-level and too
high-level to prevent efficient analysis, front-end and back-end
compilation, plus it's >>too adapted to Java.
>>A very bad choice for Java, even more so for other languages. It's kind of
the latest fad, but stay away from it if you can.
Tristan Rybak

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Subject: [virtmach] Comments on Sun's JAVA VM Specification?

Since the people on this list have a wide range of experience with various
VMs, I was wondering if anyone has coments on Sun's Java VM specification?
What do you think are the good and the bad points?

- Peter.