[virtmach] V.M.

rastasman rastasman@SoftHome.net
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 09:41:22 -0300

    Hi people.. i'm new in this list and i don't speak in english very
well, so .. be patient:)

To be in topic , i tell you that i'm developing with some friends a
little languaje, i've
done a generic lexical scanner and i'am currently developing a general
parser.. (based
in tables that can contain some like BNF for languajes) but,  i've not
info about how
to construct a VM, my focus is possed onto the  faster running-speed in
multiple little
programs over the machine.

    I'm interested on aproachs to optimal design of VM, philosophy of
VM, not over
optimizing code by now.. Anything about this is wellcome and some
forwards of old
messages would be cool:).

     thank you.    rastas.