[virtmach] Inferno Dis VM Questions

Thomas Fjellstrom virtmach@iecc.com
Sun, 10 Jun 2001 18:49:02 -0600

"Murray, Peter C" wrote:
> I finally got around to looking at some of the Inferno references (thanks
> rog@vitanuova.com for posting the links here).  Of course, now I have a
> couple of questions :)
> Why are so many type conversions (eg. big to str, byte array to str, etc)
> and various string operations (eg. insert char into str) part of the byte
> code specification and not implemented as library routines?
> (Maybe I should join Inferno mailing list and ask questions there?)

My opinion is that those ops might be used enough to make them
part of the VM. Look at it this way: if those ops were a lib
routine they would most likely use many instructions
(ie: passes through the VM exec loop) while an opcode
that does the same thing would only go one time through
the VM's exec loop.

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