[virtmach] Traffic!

Thaddaeus Frogley virtmach@iecc.com
Fri, 25 May 2001 11:10:41 +0100


In response to the message (Michal Gajda):
> [virtmach] i want 1536 msgs

I wrote:
> I wouldn't mind having any messages at all.  :)
> Thad
> (Who's happy to answer questions about his VM implementation)

But accidentally I sent it to Michal, rather than the list.
Anwho, Michal wrote back:

> Excellent! :-) Do you REALLY mean that Creatures virtual machine
> (I never actually got doc, but read a lot of it's code one night
> with some excitement). Is there actually a publicly available
> implementation? And could you tell if it needed some efficiency
> tunings/considerations(as mentioned in the previous post to virtmach,
> I am REALLY interested in efficiency considerations for various VM,
> domain-specific would be even better than general-purpose)?

In an effort to revive the list a little bit, I am going to reply to the

In a new email... :)

Thaddaeus Frogley
Beasts Team, Creature Labs Ltd