[virtmach] Your VM

Ralph Corderoy virtmach@iecc.com
Mon, 28 May 2001 11:41:08 +0100

Hi Steve,

> Let me explain my interest. My company has a legacy system consisting
> of lots of Pascal and assembler code (Tektronix
> compiler/assembler/linker running on VAX/VMS, both obsolete) and the
> MTOS operating system (also obsolete?). Target is Mot 68k (obsolete
> in 5 yrs?).
> So we need to move off 1) Tek tools, 2) VAX/VMS, 3) 68k.

Am I right in thinking that you still have the Tektronix tools and it
is only the hardware you cannot obtain anymore?  But that hardware
exists at many installations you still need to support?

If so, how about having an emulator for the hardware upon which you can
run MTOS, etc.  You can host it on your favourite OS which you think is
going to be around for a while.  There could well be an existing
emulator that you can alter to add support for any specific periphials
you require.  With modern CPU speeds this could be satisfactory.

A quick search turns up a few options.