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Barry Watson virtmach@iecc.com
Mon, 28 May 2001 11:51:32 +0200

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Date: den 28 maj 2001 11:43
Subject: Re: [virtmach] Your VM

>> > > What is the difference between a VM and an interpreter ? For me a VM
>> > > is a "byte code interpreter", so I do not understand the distinction.
>> > Hmmm... In my mind a VM is is a much lower abstraction than an
>> > interpreter.
>> > like SNES9X is a VM and perl is an interpreter. If the VM/interpreter's
>> > ops can be easily translated to silicon then its a VM, otherwise
>> > its an interpreter...
>Disagree.  If it isn't machine code, its an interpreter.  If its compiled
>to byte code, then its a VM interpreter, as opposed to a source language

Nah, a cpu interprets opcodes. Think of them all as a mapping from language
to meaning.