[virtmach] life signals..

rastasman virtmach@iecc.com
Thu, 10 May 2001 22:10:47 -0300

hi people, i'm very glad of find this list alive:). Here are some

1-what's kylix?

2-stack-machine with 2 registers vs. unlimited registers (better known
as RAM:).
what approach do you think that is better for :
a- a teorical model for a real VM
b- one VM  that can use better resources from different architectures

3-JustInTime VM vs. traditional VM. To me, JIT VM seems very like a
but, without an JIT VM is there  any form to use real computer registers
map VM registers?  is possible to make parallel processing  in a JIT VM?

4-I was coding one parser (bottom-up , LR Grammars I think) that uses
tables to fit different grammars (any grammar that can be defined using
BNF maybe)
 in real time, it's coded in C++. I made it for my future VM (not yet
designed, it's for
a game). It's not finished  but if anyone wants to play with it (or use
it) , I could post
the sourcecode.

                                                    see ya!
ps:sorry by my shitty english:)