[virtmach] parrot VM?

Manoj Plakal virtmach@iecc.com
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 16:03:13 -0500

Chris Lattner wrote (Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 12:30:23PM -0500) :
> > 	But aren't there some portability issues with a register VM?
> > 	Wouldn't you want to map the VM registers to real registers
> > 	(since you want performance in the first place)? That
> > 	might make it difficult to have a register VM that runs fast
> The idea is not to emit a certain number of registers (GNU lightning uses 
> 6 always for example [I believe]), but to use an infinite number of 
> registers, then run a register allocation pass as part of code generation, 
> to convert it into the optimal number of registers for the actual 
> machine...

	So the VM has to run this register allocation pass
	on the platform-independent bytecodes before it executes 
        them? Any examples (someone mentioned Lua?) of
	a register VM that does this?