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Engr. Wale Aribiyi wale at
Fri Jun 18 03:07:41 PDT 2004

EMAIL: waleb at

First, l must solicit your strictest confidentiality in this
transaction. We are top officials of the Federal Government Tender Board
of Department of Petroleum Resourses (DPR) who are interested in an
immediate business proposal that involves some funds which we will like to
invest under your custody.

The sources of the funds is from the just awarded Oil licenses to
companies for the prostecting of the deep offshore oil block recently
aloocated and approved by the Federal Government. In the course of doing
this, we have realised some funds as direct kickbacks from our interests
in some of the companies. However, by virtue of our position as civil
servants and members of this panel, we cannot acquire this money in our
names. I have therefore been delegated as a matter of trust by my
colleagues of the panel to look for an overseas partner into whose account
we would transfer the sum totally US$21,320,000.00 (Twenty One Million,
Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand U.S. Dollars).  Hence my writing you.

We intend to effect the transfer within 12 banking days from the date of
receipt of the following information via my confidential email, your
Bankers name, Company's name and address, Account number and a
confidential telephone and fax number.

The above information will enable us write letters of claims and job
description respectively. This way, we will use your company's name to
apply for the payment and effect the transfer of the said total funds to
your company. I hope you will look favourably on this proposal as I
solicit your confidentiality in this transaction.

I urgently await your response via my email address waleb at and
hope that you will look favourably on my proposition.

Engr. Adewale Aribiyi

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