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We accept donations by Bitcoin. The balance in Bespin's public donation address is viewable by the public. On this page:

About donations

Bespin donations are currently entirely used for only two purposes:

  1. buying hardware upgrades
  2. paying TUCOWS.COM to keep the domain active, at a cost of $10/year.

You will not gain any privileges above any other bespin user for donating. All donations will benefit all users equally.

Bespin donations are NOT tax-deductible.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an online currency, not backed by any physical substance, but the strength of math, working code, a free software development community, and a distributed network of computing power to secure the transactions. Payments can be made to another Bitcoin address in seconds (confirmed within 10 minutes to an hour), and can not be reversed unless someone takes over a large portion of the computing power and uses it in a "double-spend" attack, which is more difficult the longer time goes on. Bitcoin's fees are relatively low and optional, although recommended. There is no fee to store Bitcoins, as you can keep them on your hard disk, USB storage, paper printout, or memorize them. You can create as many addresses as you want for free and if an address is empty you won't be charged anything. It's recommended to use a new address for each transaction for privacy of you and others.

To use Bitcoin go to and follow their tips on selecting a wallet. Open your wallet and it will display a Bitcoin address: This is your address you can share with people so they can send you bitcoins.

Fund your Bitcoin address

There are two ways to get bitcoins. The easiest is to find someone else willing to send you some. You can sell things on or offer services for bitcoins on the forums. For a list of companies that sell bitcoins for other currency, see the Trade page on the Bitcoin wiki. Bespin does not currently endorse any particular Bitcoin merchants. For links to further information on Bitcoin see

Donate Now

Send bitcoins to Bespin's public Bitcoin address: 15QAxQ3nX4cCVnRTcErz1uLqsN1bcaBNJ6 or login with your Bespin account to get a unique Bitcoin address (increases privacy).

For any questions, e-mail root /at/ bespin /dot/ org.

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