Secure Hosting on

We host the following secure sites. They are all signed by our own certificate authority (CA), fingerprint A6:BE:58:01:E6:F5:A9:F7:1A:54:8E:D2:0B:2E:B4:95.

If you trust the Bespin administrators, you may install our CA into your browser. This will then allow your browser to automatically accept any site certificates that were signed by our CA, including new secure sites we may certify in the future.

To install the Bespin CA, click the "I Trust Bespin" button below and follow the instructions in the box that appears in your browser.

Note: If you get an "invalid signature" trying to connect to the below sites, it means you already accepted our old certificate (October 2000), which is no longer in use. Click on the lock or key icon in your browser, go to the certificate for the site that was invalid, and delete it. Then try connecting to the site again.

List of Secure Sites

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