Terms of your bespin account

You may not:

  1. publish copyrighted data illegally
  2. share your password with anyone else
  3. try to defeat security on any system, crack passwords, nuke, flood, flash, or mail bomb
  4. send spam, including mailing everyone on bespin
  5. have advertisements on your web page, have an extraordinarily commercial site, or use substantial bandwidth for personal profit

Bespin service is provided as is, without any warranty. Bespin administrators are not liable for any loss of data, violation of privacy, or for anything you do on your bespin account. Bespin could go down at any time or be unreliable and you can do nothing about it. Your account can be deleted or restricted at any time for any reason or for no reason. Bespin is non-commercial and does not charge any money for its services. Bespin accepts donations that are not tax deductible or refundable.

Use of your bespin account implies agreement to these terms. The terms may be changed at any time. The official location for the terms is http://bespin.org/terms.html and this is where new ones will be posted if there is a change.

-- Bespin Administrators -- root@bespin.org