Happy New Bastiat Year!

Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau <fare@tunes.org>
Wed, 2 Jan 2002 02:38:06 +0100

Dear Bastiat fans,

I wish you all a happy new year. During the upcoming year,
may we spread further those ideas of liberty and responsibility
that we admire Bastiat for explaining so clearly.
2001 might have been the Year of Frederic Bastiat because he was born 200
years ago -- let 2002 be a Year of Frederic Bastiat too, because we will
help his spirit revive and be more alive than ever.

To clarify a recent exchange on the list -- Bastiat.net and Bastiat.org
are different though very close sites (same "little hands" behind them).
Bastiat.net is a very nice and structured site brought to you by the
Cercle Frederic Bastiat from the Landes - the part of France where Bastiat
lived. Although I am the technical expert who does the grunt work,
it is mainly designed by Jacques de Guenin. On the other hand, Bastiat.org
is a site (hopefully also nice) done in a more informal way by Bastiat lovers
around the world (with I doing both the grunt work and the coordination),
with the personal sponsorship of Michael Koller. So Bastiat.org and
Bastiat.net are backed by very different groups of people, that share
one thing in common: respect and admiration for Frederic Bastiat,
who wrote so well about Liberty.

Yours freely,

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Justice is not concerned with the results of the various transactions
but only with whether the transactions themselves are fair.
	-- F.A. Hayek, "Law, Legislation and Liberty", I.6.j