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2009/9/11 . . <verydisposable1 at hotmail.com>:
> as the only Bastiat in the States [as far I as know], I was tickled to read
> this pearl:
> Fans of Fridiric Bastiat
> First and last message from a very remote cousin of  Frédéric Bastiat .
> Chantal Bastiat

Chère Chantal,

interesting that there are still Bastiat's around.

Welcome amongst fans of Frédéric.

I take advantage of this conversation to attract the attention of
other Bastiat Fans on the fact that WikiSource has taken over from
Bastiat.org the task of completing the digitization of Bastiat's
works. See notably in French:

There are also pages in other languages, but with less material, such as:

Of course in English, you can find more works on econlib.org,
oll.libertyfund.org, etc.

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