[gclist] Reference counting on the fingers of one thumb.

Mauk van der Laan maatwerk@euronet.nl
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:17:36 +0100


I don't think that such a redesign is nessesary to solve the GC problem. In
my opinion, it's
just C++ that has trouble implementing it. There are other languages that
implement GC
quickly and trouble-free and a C-like language could be built that does the
same. If only C++
would not be so popular...

The 'one-thing-one-place' paradigm is also valid in current languages.
Clearly, there is only 
one copy of an object, but the language provides you with pointers to that
place.  And that is 
a strength that you are removing now. Several common structures need
multiple pointers.
How are you building efficient linked lists? Are you going to pass a
reference to an object as
a pair of (array,index) values?

Do you mean to do this only on objects, or also on simple data types
(integers). What does
this do in your language:
	type a(10)
	type b = a
In a true OO language as C++, <type> could be either simple types or
objects, you cant treat
them differently.

Yes, you can only be in one place, but because my email package has a
pointer to you, i am able to
send you this reply. It would take me ages to fly over and find out where
you are located.

Regards, Mauk

(original posting too long to repeat)