[gclist] 1 doubt about Boehm's Garbage Collector. (fwd)

Joao Barreiro & Olivier Marques gccheck@miguelina.inesc.pt
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:45:31 +0100 (WET DST)

=09We are 2 students working on our final project, wich is to=20
determine if there any performance improvements for a checkpointer on=20
using a garbage collector in it. The main idea is to checkpoint only=20
alive objects.

=09We are using Boehm=B4s Garbage collector (we thank Boehm for it) and=20
Planck's checkpointer.

=09We are now "eliminating" Planck's allocator in is checkpointer so
we can use only one, Boehm's allocator. The problem is that it seems that
your allocator is working in parallel with libc's allocator. We know that
Boehm=B4s allocator gets memory with the sbrk() primitive, but some libc's
functions (like printf, opendir, ...) use the libc's malloc() primitive.
So when you do "#define malloc GC_malloc" in the aplications, it will use
GC_malloc and some libc functions will use libc`s malloc().
=09Maybe there is no problem for the GC?

=09We thank you in advance for any answer you might give on this=20

=09Olivier Marques and Joao Barreiro.

  GCCHECK are Olivier Marques and Joao Barreiro=20
  try:         hhtp://cretina.inesc.pt/~gccheck=09=09