[gclist] 1 doubt about Boehm's Garbage Collector. (fwd)

Kragen kragen@pobox.com
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 17:42:50 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Fergus Henderson wrote:
> On 07-Jul-1998, Neal M Gafter <neal.gafter@Eng.Sun.COM> wrote:
> > ... Geodesic
> > Systems' Great Circle technology, which is a descendent of Boehm's
> > collector.
> Can someone please confirm, deny, or otherwise elucidate that
> historical detail for me?  I know that Great Circle uses conservative
> collection, but I'm curious as to whether the code in Great Circle
> really was forked off from an old version of the Boehm collector, or
> whether it was written from scratch.

I'm also interested in what, if anything, they've added to the
Boehm-Demers-Weiser collector.