[gclist] Real-Time GC for high-level languages

Manoj Plakal plakal@cs.wisc.edu
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 21:57:22 -0600

Dave Munro wrote (Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 02:23:44PM +1030) :
> At 3:20 PM +0000 30/1/01, Andrew Cheadle wrote:
> >I seem to remember a theoretical paper:
> >  Guy E. Blelloch, Perry Cheng: On Bounding Time and Space for
> >Multiprocessor Garbage Collection. PLDI 1999: 104-117
> >
> >which makes claims of bounded pause times. I believe, but I'm not sure,
> >that Perry Cheng was looking at implementing the techniques mentioned in
> >the above paper in the TILT ML compiler:
> Just a note to say that William Brodie-Tyrrell, one of my students, 
> implemented a version of the Blelloch and Cheng bounded GC which we 
> reported in
> Vaughan, Francis A., Brodie-Tyrrell, William F., Falkner, Katrina E. 
> and Munro, David S., "Bounded Parallel Garbage 
> Collection:Implementation and Adaptation", To appear in Proceedings 
> of 7th Australian Parallel and Real Time PART'2000 Sydney.
> This can be picked up from 
> http://www.cs.adelaide.edu.au/users/jacaranda/publications.html

	It seems that Cheng & Blelloch have also implemented 
	their idea since they have a paper in the upcoming PLDI-2001 
	titled "A Parallel, Real-Time Garbage Collector".

	See http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~soffa/pldi01/pldi_program.html