[gclist] Garbage Collection

Emery Berger emery@cs.utexas.edu
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 08:52:47 -0600

I think your best bet is to pick up Jones and Lins' book on garbage
collection and start reading.

"Garbage Collection : Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory
Management", by Richard Jones and Rafael D. Lins


Another option is to pick up Paul Wilson's extensive GC survey, which
has the extra benefit of being free:


-- Emery

Emery Berger
Dept. of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin

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> I am trying to understand the implementation of the Kaffe garbage
> collector.
> The first step of the Mark phase there is to wall all root Objects and
> mark
> them as grey. Could anybody tell me what do we mean by root Objects or
> root
> set etc. and why do we start marking from them.
> Regards
> Sanjiv
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> > I wanted
> > to know if anybody on this list had worked on the gc of hotspot
> virtual
> > machine or if anybody has the source of information on the source
> of
> the
> > current implementation of hotspot jvm.
> The source code for the garbage collector in the Hotspot JVM
> is the intellectual property of Sun Microsystems.  It is not
> available to the general public.
> Will