[gclist] Technical report help

Ravi Jonnalagedda RaviJ@crisnet.com
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 22:05:27 -0700


I am a student who is doing his research report on GC for real time
systems. I have completed my work, and my professor recommends that I
get it professionally checked and proof edited. I am aware that there
are various experts in this group with insights into publishing and who
are experts in writing technical articles in GC systems. I would like to
know if there is anyone who is willing to help me out for a fee. All I
need for the report is the following:

1. Proof read for language constructs (my English is pretty good, but
not technical article good)
2. Help with bringing out the focus more into the goals of the report.
3. Comprehensiveness check
4. Ideas to make the report sharper/more complete. Make it fundamentally
strong and appealing.

Any suggestions anyone might have would also be appreciated. The report
on the whole is about 35 pages long with a spacing of 1.5 lines, so it
is not that big a report (this includes diagrams).

Please contact me by e-mail (not to the group) if anyone wants to help
me out. I appreciate the help in advance.