[gclist] GC and Linux IA64

Sebastien Termeau termeau@tidhom1g.grenoble.hp.com
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 10:39:28 +0100



I am new to GC, and I cannot find the mailing list archive ( ftp site
down? ).

I am trying to find memory leaks under Linux IA64.

I get latest GC release (6.3) ( I tried with older version too ).

When I use GC functions in my code, it works fine, even if it returns
bad addresses:

Leaked composite object at 0x6000000000045fd0 (testgc.c:18, sz=4)

Intead of

Leaked composite object at 0x4000000000000a30 (testgc.c:18, sz=4)


However when I use normal malloc calls and LD_PRELOAD, GC fails to
retrieve memory leaks locations (files and line numbers).

Addr2line and GDB returns the correct addresses.

Is it a known problem with IA64?

Do you have a solution?



Termeau Sebastien


termeau@tidhom1g.grenoble. <mailto:termeau@tidhom1g.grenoble.hp.com>