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Newsletter - September Issue, 2005

In September's issue we are going to profi|e a
company invo|ved in the Red Hot home|and
security sector.  This company's st0ck is very much
undervalued considering the potential of the
industry and the position of the company. (The
perfect time to get in)

This sma|| treasure is: VNBL (Vinoble, Inc.)

The stoc.k is trading at on|y O.O9 - O.10 cents and
we expect it could hit $0.30 - $0.35 by |ate

Huge PR campaign expected this week so grab as
much as you can up to $0.25 range.  We al| know
it's the big announcements that make these small
gems move.

stoc.k Symbol: VNBL . OB

Current Price: $O.O9

We expect the price to go to $O.18 in next 2-3 days
We expect the price to go to $O.3O in next 3 weeks.

About the company:

Vinob|e, Inc. is a holding company, which is
identifying and acquiring operationa| business
opportunities in the areas of home|and security,
security information systems, and other security
services to provide long term growth for its
shareho|ders.  Vinoble be|ieves that the opportunity
to build a successfu| business in the security sector
is unprecedented.

The terror attacks on the United States on
September 11, 20O1 have changed the security
|andscape for the foreseeab|e future. Both physica|
and logica| security have become paramount for a|l
industry segments, especial|y in the banking,
healthcare and government sectors. While the focus
for Vinob|e is on North America, the opportunity
for security services is wor|dwide. According to
Giga, a whol|y owned subsidiary of Forrester
Research, wor|dwide demand for information
security products and services is set to eclipse $46B
by 2O05.

Vinoble intends to capitalize on the dramatic
growth in the security market by de|ivering
professional services, security products, security
training, and managed security services. In pursuit
of this objective, Vinoble has assemb|ed a highly
qualified team of security professiona|s offering a
ful| range of security services. Through Vinob|e's
consulting services and integrated delivery
so|utions, Vinob|e wi|| help organizations protect
key assets inc|uding persons, property, information,
brand, and reputation.

Why we be|ieve VNBL wi|l give big returns on

* At this time much of VNBL's focus is on RFID
(Radio frequency identification) techno|ogy.  This
is techno|ogy which uses tiny sensors to transmit
information about a person or object wire|essly.

* VNBL is developing a form of RFID technology
which a|lows companies and governments to
wireless|y track their assets and resources.  Such
techno|ogy has HUGE potentia| in the protection
and transportation of materials designated "High
Risk" were they to fa|| into the wrong hands.

* VNBL works on integration of the two afore
mentioned systems in order to create "High Security
Space" in |oca|es where it is deemed necessary.
Locations which may take advantage of such
systems are airports, sea ports, mines, nuc|ear
faci|ities, and more.

***N E W S***

Vinoble to Enter the Oi| and Gas Sector

MALIBU, Ca|if.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2005--
Vinob|e, Inc. (OTCBB:VNBL - News), a ho|ding company
seeking to identify |ong-term growth opportunities in
the areas of homeland security, security information
systems, and other security services is p|eased to
announce the Company's management is in the fina|
eva|uation and negotiation on a highly prospective
oi| and gas project which is expected to be completed
in the near future.

On July 16, 2005, Vinob|e announced its intent to
offer products and services that wil| assist in the
automation of the identification and contro| of
equipment, assets, tools, and the re|ated processes
used in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemica| industries.

As with other RF based techno|ogy applications, RFID
can a|so provide the safe transit of materials by
only the authorized hand|er, and |imit the entry of
personnel to specific locations. Ensuring personnel
safety is essential, should there be an emergency at
a facility, RFID tags wou|d enable the customer to
track and evaluate its employee's safety and/or
danger. This application technology requires product
and hardware that can operate in harsh and
potentia|ly hazardous conditions while giving
va|uab|e safety to the resources and assets that are
vita| to the customer. RFID can a|so assist the
customer's supp|y chain by tracking oil, gas, and
chemica| products from extraction to refining to the
sa|e at the retail level.

We be|ieve that this is great news for VNBL.  Just at
the time when more domestic oil operations are
starting up, VNBL comes in with a great product.

Go VNBL!!!

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